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Herbal Iceman is for individuals who enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle.

Sport Injuries

Insect Bites

Muscle strain & inflammation


It is great to work out and begin exercising for better health. However, a number of times, people hurt themselves in the process due to improper safety…

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Getting out to the great outdoors is probably one of the best recreational activities you can do. Sure, it saves some money if you pitch a tent or stay in…

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An injury to a ligament caused by fibre tears constitutes a sprain. This can be a partial tear, or be completely torn. The most common sprains include…

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Sunburn is a radiation burn that affects the skin tissue due to overexposure to UV rays from the sun. It causes redness of the skin as well as irritation…

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About our cooling gel

Herbal Iceman is a unique, ancient herbal formula which is made with extracts of Arnica, Echinacea and other soothing herbs. The formula is matured over a period of time and blended with a precise level of natural menthol. Our cooling gel’s organically grown Arnica, Echinacea and herbs are subsequently combined into a non-sticky, pleasant smelling gel – Herbal Iceman. Our effective arnica cooling gel is the perfect solution for athletes with muscle injuries, elderly and is safe enough for anyone over the age of 5. Herbal Iceman also soothes the pain caused by inflammation, sunburn and insect bites.

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Arnica is a genus with about 30 perennial, herbaceous species, belonging to the sunflower family. The genus name Arnica may be derived from the Greek arna, “lamb”, in reference to the soft, hairy leaves.

Several species, such as Arnica montana and A. chamissonis, contain helenalin, a sesquiterpene lactone that is a major ingredient in anti-inflammatory preparations (used mostly for bruises). Arnica has been used by people for hundreds of years, even going back to the 1500’s to relieve pain and heal injuries.

Arnica is also known by the names Mountain Tobacco and, somewhat confusingly, Leopard’s bane and Wolfsbane—two names


Several species of the echinacea plant are used to make medicine from its leaves, flower, and root.

Sometimes people apply echinacea to their skin to treat boils, abscesses, skin wounds, ulcers, burns, eczema, psoriasis, UV radiation skin damage, herpes simplex, bee stings, and hemorrhoids.

Workout exercises

The Best Anti-inflammatory Gel


Herbal Iceman is the best anti-inflammatory gel, which is packed with soothing ingredients to give your body an instant boost post-workout. The muscle pain remedy offers the healing properties of arnica and Echinacea to relieve symptoms of pain when applied topically. Simply massage the anti-inflammatory gel onto your target muscle area and experience quick relief of muscular and joint pain.

The next time you are off to the sports field, cycle track or gym make sure you use Herbal Iceman after your workout, to help your sore muscles recover quicker from any exertion, aches and sprains. Our effective anti-inflammatory gel allows you to continue toning that fabulous shape and remain active. Are you in need of our anti-inflammatory gel? Find out where to purchase it.

Helpful Tips

Sleep heals!

If you’re not getting enough quality sleep, then you’re putting your body at a recovery disadvantage from the beginning. Ensure you get 8+ hours of sleep as a minimum before a heavy training day. Sleep deprivation aggravates chronic pain and causes slow injury recovery. Indeed, you could well be suffering the consequences of sleep deprivation even if you get a “normal” 6–7 hours per night.

Eat wisely!

Understanding how your body works is the first step to understanding how you need to eat in order to fuel your body with the right stuff. Plenty diets and eating plans are unsustainable, leaving you with a sense of failure. If you can follow this simple principle, and apply it in your everyday life, you’re one step closer to achieving your nutritional goals – focus on eating three portions of protein per day.

Strength training!

Strength training is an effective exercise that few people enjoy — and most choose to underestimate. It is a key component in promoting faster rehabilitation and healing. Consistently challenging one’s muscles is great for general fitness and is a terrific way to get fit or stay fit. Plus, stretching does not aggravate existing injuries or cause new ones. Gyms may be intimidating for beginners, but they provide precise and safe control of the muscles you’re working on.

Love water, plenty of it!

Drinking plenty of water is one of your best defences against muscle soreness and pain. Avoid dehydration, which causes a significant drop in sporting performance. It may also cause you to experience cramps, heat stress and strokes. Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercises.

Warm up properly!

One of the best things you can do to prevent muscle soreness is to perform a joint mobility warm-up and then do activity-specific exercises on the muscles you are focusing on during that session. Your warm-up should be for both general preparedness and also specific to the activity that you’re going to do.

Love your protein!

Protein is one of the most essential parts to any healthy diet. Not only are proteins the building blocks for just about every part of your body, but they also help you to build and maintain muscle, organs and cells. These same proteins are also vital to enzyme and hormone production. Basically, if you’re not eating enough protein, your body probably isn’t working as well as it should be.

I used to wake up every morning with aches in my arms and some mornings it hurt so much when I try to straighten them, but since I’ve been rubbing Herbal Iceman at night my joint pains are almost gone, I would recommend it to everyone.  Thank you Herbal Iceman for this.

Soraya Bhamjee

Received my free Herbal Iceman gel and found that it really gave relief to my aching joints will definitely continue using this product.. Thank you

Irene Schipper

The is soo much I can talk abt this stunning and magical product.. Herbal Iceman is the best, I had problems with joints since I’m working at the mountains and I used this product, I’m 100% now.. I Love u Herbal Iceman

Siyamthanda Bukula

Playing in a 7’s tournament ,on and off the field constantly, honestly kills and cramps up my legs but after I was introduced to HERBAL ICEMAN I must say this stuff is POWER!!! its results made it a lot easier to get back onto the field and reduced stiffness the next day. THANK YOU HERBAL ICEMAN

Chase Muller

Really love this product!! Really helps with aching muscles after a long run and helps me get back on the road… can’t live without this great product!

Sharday Simpson

I saw this product mentioned on an Instagram page @sweatmefit. All I can say is WOW just WOW! I overextended my hip at the gym and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. I remembered Herbal Iceman, applied it liberally to the area that night and the following morning. Thereafter NOTHING. I actually forgot I hurt myself. A brilliant product, now a part of my gym must haves. #herbaliceman

Hilary-Sherice Browne

My boyfriends has been using all types of muscle relief gels and creams. He has only had relief from this product. If you looking for the best please trust Herbal Iceman. The best on the market.

Samantha Rix

I love this product! It brings on quick relief to achy muscles , nothing better after a long dance class or gym session . Love love love!

Angel Markus

Amazing, heals sore muscles and relaxes them so fast it’s ridiculous, amazing product and just love the smell.

Ryan Quevauvilliers

WOW,WOW,WOW! I love Herbal Iceman cooling gel with Arnica. The best in the world for muscle and joint relief. This products works not only for muscles but insect bites and sunburn! We as a family love it!

Erinda Esterhuizen
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