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Welcome to Herbal Iceman

Herbal Iceman is for individuals who enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle. Our non-greasy, easy to apply gel is expertly formulated to soothe those target areas.

The cooling gel provides relief for muscle aches and strains that come from physical activity. However, Herbal Iceman is also formulated to relieve sunburnt skin and insect bites, which makes our cooling gel the ideal solution for all outdoor and physical activities.

Highly recommended for sports individuals and camping enthusiasts alike, our cooling gel provides instant relief without leaving a sticky mess. So, whether you are off to the gym or taking the family camping - make sure you keep Herbal Iceman close by!

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the most effective and immediate pain relief associated with:

Sport Injuries

It is great to work out and being exercising for better health. However, a number of times, people hurt themselves in the process due to improper

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Muscle Strain & Inflammation

An injury to a ligament caused by fibre tears constitutes a sprain. This can be a partial tear, or be completely torn.

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Insect Bites

Getting out to the great outdoors is probably one of the best recreational activities you can do. Sure, it saves money if you pitch a

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Sunburn occurs when the skin is exposed to the sun for long periods of time. It causes redness of the skin as well as irritation.

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