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The What-To Know's on Warm-ups

Warming up before any kind of exercise is crucial, everybody knows that, but does everybody know how to in fact warm-um the correct way? Read more to get down with getting warmed-up....

Keep it dynamic

Include exercises such as the forward lunge, lateral squat or arm circles into your warm-up.

Turn up the volume

Warm up is to music is a great way to place your mind on the right “track” for the workout ahead.

Jump around

Doing a few jumping jacks will help get your blood pumping. Warm–ups are not intended to be part of the workouts. Break a brief sweat but don’t work so hard that you build up lactic acid; save your energy for the actual workout. Your tempo should be quick and to the point

Perfect Medicine For Your Warm-Up

You’ve seen the medicine balls lying around the gym right? Well the are great for warming up. Grab them!

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