There is a large portion of the population that want to be fit, want to eat healthy, want to lose weight, want to jump onto the whole “strong is the new skinny” vibe. The problem with all of this is that it takes ongoing commitment, motivation, a strong mind and an even stronger will power. It is easy to commit to things in the heat of the moment, but when the fuss has died down and you find yourself hitting snooze on your 5am alarm clock that is interrupting your Channing Tatum dream, the idea of getting into that pool or reaching for your running shoes, suddenly becomes a whole lot less appealing.

Having gone through this journey in preparation for my first triathlon, I understand the challenges, but I also understand the reward of getting out of that water, having survived being kicked in the face. I understand the reward of getting through transition without losing the skin on your shins from a bad dismount. I also understand the amazing feeling of the reward when you push your tired legs over the finish line and you hear a loud speaker call out your name and your time and you know that you did it.

For many people, they only know the first part of this journey. They only ever experience the pain of sore muscles, the horrible winter training times, the chaffing and the restricted diet. They either fall off the wagon, or they grow bored, or worse… they simply quit.

Everyone’s journey is different, but the fundamentals are the same. GIVE. GIVE. GIVE. GIVE. And only after a very long time do you ever (if you hang in there for long enough) reap the reward. The point is, a journey like mine is the same for a lot of people and they all relate to the things that I go through. They will all understand how much it sucks to not be able to eat the pizza at the party, avoid the cupcakes by all means and hear a trainer in their ear every time they even consider that Lindt slab. They will feel my pain from the shin splints, or the saddle butt that only recovers with time or the stiff muscles from a heavy weight session. Hell, every woman will understand the pain of dry blowing hair for the third time this week because of the pool sessions.
That is what we want to create – a relatable, lifestyle fitness and wellness journal for people to follow and participate in.

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