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One of the biggest fitness trends in 2017 is wearable technology. I too have become somewhat of an addict and rely heavily on my ‘stats’ which will determine whether my workout is enough. Some think this is crazy, others will swear by it.

Somebody asked me the other day why I need a watch to tell me how hard (or lack thereof) I worked. They didn’t understand the principle and they certainly had no idea what the psychology benefits are of relying on my handy FitBit Blaze. So, let me break it down for you. It’s multifaceted, so try keep up 😉

  1. I am a Vitality member, with Discovery. As you may or may not know, but they challenge their members to reach specific fitness goals, which have a multitude of benefits that I won’t go into now. However, the main reason for my desire to achieve the weekly goals set out before me, is the sheer delight I get out of earning my Vida Café reward. There is a Vida on my way to the office and nothing can calm my road rage like a hot cup of chino. This of course is coupled with the desire to beat my teammates to the goal line. Although we all have different goals to achieve, we rely on each other to make their goals, earning ourselves a team reward and let another cappuccino. This is where my Fitbit comes into play. Walking into the gym and swiping my tag immediately earns me 100 points. However, if you’re tracking your workout, and do a 30+ minute workout at 70-79% of your max heart rate, you earn higher points. If you’re doing a 60+ minute workout at 70% of your max heart rate, you earn 300 points. That’s me smiling, since now I only need to go to gym 300 times a week to achieve my goal of 900 points. Without my Fitbit, there is no way that I would make that goal every week. Coffee coffee in my belly!
  1. The Fitbit tracks your steps. Well now, if someone told me that I would one day be affected by a step counter, I would have laughed at them. What I didn’t realise then was the amount of satisfaction I would feel when my Fitbit started shooting off fireworks on the touch display screen every time I got to 10 000 steps. Honestly, that doesn’t seem like a lot of walking, but for someone who is office bound, drives to work, drives to fetch kids, and orders groceries online, achieving 10 000 steps in one day is impressive. The need to achieve that step goal also becomes a little bit of an addiction. My husband was the only one looking at me like I had lost my mind while a walked around and around the garden at 11pm, that was because he was the only other person there, and I was 700 odd steps away from achieving my fireworks and buzzy vibration.
  1. My last point is not so much a ‘tracking’ point as it is a psychological one! I realise that I need to have my heart above 145 and below 175 during my workouts. With most of my workouts being high-intensity interval training workouts, that’s usually pretty simple to achieve. But there are times when my brain kicks in. Thoughts like, “Ok, I’m tired” or “Joh, that’s enough now” or “Ok let me just catch my breath for a second” come to mind. My body starts screaming, echoing the sounds coming from my mind. My fall back is my Fitbit. I check my heart rate, and if my heart rate is less than 160, I am not tired enough to rest, and so I push through. It helps me stay focused and it forces me to push myself when I don’t have anyone to do it for me.

Apart from the above, it’s nice to see your workout broken up like the image below, helping you to understand what you’re doing and what is working and what isn’t. If you’re keen on trying the workout I did with this result, go check it out here – Burpee Interval Training

If you’re looking for a more ‘scientific’ review of the Fitbit Blaze, look here.

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