Bodyweight v. Weighted Workouts: Which Is Better?

You want your workouts to count. You want the most bang for your buck when you spend time sweating. Let’s face it, anyone who spends time exercising wants to know what will give him or her the best results in the time they have. So which one will help you get fit quicker: bodyweight moves or weighted exercises? [...]

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Buddy Workout

Some things are just easier to do when you have someone to do it with. I have been training with Aleshia for a couple of months now, and although our training programs aren’t of the intensity that I have become accustomed to, they are pretty vigorous. This however isn’t why training with a buddy works [...]

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Slider training

Nothing like some of this slider training to make you remember what an insignificant little life you are on this planet and how Steve Mululu will break you with every workout you face. You will however feel so much better for it, once you’re done. And breathing again like a normal human being.   So [...]

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