Body Weight Training Vs. Weight Training

Weight training is the mainstay for strength training. Body weight training is generally considered something for beginners who are not ready for heavy weights. Another commonly held concept is that weight training is for muscular strength and body weight is for muscular endurance, or for conditioning for sports such as boxing or martial arts. The [...]

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Bodyweight v. Weighted Workouts: Which Is Better?

You want your workouts to count. You want the most bang for your buck when you spend time sweating. Let’s face it, anyone who spends time exercising wants to know what will give him or her the best results in the time they have. So which one will help you get fit quicker: bodyweight moves or weighted exercises? [...]

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6 Reasons Why Rest Days Are Important

FEEL GOOD, GET MOVING Step count, active minutes, calories burned… These are all important pieces of data that help us live healthier, more active lives. But we often don’t stress the importance of rest and why your body needs days off. With Fitbit, you can track and improve your quality of sleep. But that’s just part [...]

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How to Build Your Own Workout Routines – Advice from a Two-time Olympian

How to Build Your Own Workout Routines – Advice from a Two-time Olympian by Jacky Anderson Why Should You Listen To Me? After almost a decade as a full time, elite athlete, it's safe to say that I have built up a pretty good bank of knowledge when it comes to training. Whether it be [...]

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Difference Between Pulled Muscle and Torn Muscle

Difference Between Pulled Muscle and Torn Muscle Pulled and torn muscles are typically misused and interchanged by people. Thus, these two types of muscles are different in their own way. They differ in various things, but they have similarities with each other as well. A pulled muscle is usually termed as a sprain while torn [...]

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How Often Should You Really Do HIIT Workouts?

How Often Should You Really Do HIIT Workouts? Ahh, HIIT. It’s the workout everybody brags about doing, day in and day out, because they have #bodygoals that they’re here to, err, hit. But guess what? HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, wasn’t meant to be done every day. And if you’re able to actually bust out [...]

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8 Reasons Your Butt Workout Isn’t Sculpting A Dream Bum

8 Reasons Your Butt Workout Isn't Sculpting A Dream Bum Remember that Greek myth about the dude who was eternally doomed to push a boulder uphill, only to watch it roll back down again? Well, for plenty of women, the challenge to get a chiseled, goddess-like bum could feel like the same never-ending struggle. “Working [...]

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