Oh my greatness! You have never experienced such amazingness ever! My husband is a natural born chef, he simply throws things together without much thought or effort and delivers things like this to my dinner table. I thank God for him daily… J

When I asked him to tell me how he made it, he shrugged his shoulders and responded like this;

Grate the sweet potato into a dish and add eggs and sesame seeds. Mix it all together, like you’re making a hash brown. Spread it out evenly in an oven proof dish and then bake it in the oven for about golden brown.

While that is baking, get your filling together and chop it up. In this specific one, he put ham, cottage cheese, and halloumi cheese. Take it out the oven, add your fillings and roll the sweet potato around the filling, like a burrito.

He served it with a side salad. Delicious.

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