With the last few weeks, increased stress at work and at home, kid’s schedules becoming more and more demanding, my diet is always the first thing to go. As I have mentioned before, eating properly is so difficult for me! It is an ongoing battle between my want of abs and my love of food 

There is also no middle of the road for me, its either all of or nothing. I think that this has to do with the saying, “sugar begets sugar”. So once I get going with bad foods, its really difficult for me to stop. In order to stop, I fall back onto the trusted detox.

Basically the rules are pretty simple.
1. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day in order to flush the toxins from your system.
2. No dairy.
3. No carbs.
4. No sugar.
5. No fruit.
6. No fizzy drinks.
7. No sauces.
8. No coloured veggies, ONLY green ones.

Do this for a full week and you will see the changes in your body by day seven. Your tummy wont be as bloated, your skin looks better, you wont be as tired or lethargic, you wont be craving anything, your moods will be more stable and you will probably be sleeping better too.

If you’re interested in receiving the second phase of my eating plan, you can leave your email address here and I will send it to you.
Its totally doable, and manageable and it works within a lifestyle plan, because its not a diet!

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