I have always had texture related problems with certain foods. Bananas for example. They have go to be the slimiest, nastiest things in the world… followed closely by cook veggies. For a very long time, I wouldn’t eat veggies because the texture would have serious effect on my up-chuck reflex. I always blamed the taste, said I didn’t like them, but I never realized that it was more the texture putting me off.

When I got to a place in my life where I was forced to clean up my diet, change my eating habits and include vegetables into my daily food intake, I decided that eating them raw would be about the best way for me to do this – I then feel in love with the crunch. So yes, I will eat veggies, if they can be eaten raw, chopped into a salad or simply drizzled with some olive oil and white vinegar… except for gem squash! I love gems – cooked! How weird?

The other night, I was real lazy to cook. I hate cooking. I needed something that involved very little effort, very little brain power and lean mince, since that was the only meat that I had in the freezer (I just hadn’t had time to get to the shops to buy groceries).

So, I boiled up some gems, cooked up some mince, grated some cheese and banged it all together – AMAZING!

What’s wrong with this meal?

No greens! I know! But occasionally won’t hurt, right?

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