Shin Splint Injury Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Shin splint refers to a lower leg injury. These injuries are caused due
to over-training or excess stress.

Injuries are caused to overload on a shinbone and connective tissues. It leads to excess stress on the lower leg and thus injures the muscles.

According to Mayo Clinic, shin splints are caused by the excessive force on the shinbone and the connective tissue that attach your muscle to your bone.medium predictrunninginjuries - Shin Splint Injury Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Symptoms of Shin Splint Injury

  1. Soreness on pain in the lower leg.
  2. Swelling in the lower leg.

Causes of Shin Splints Injury

According to Mayo Clinic causes of shin splint injury are as follows.

  1. Running downhill: Running downhill creates high impact on shin muscles. It is always suggested to run slow while running downhill. It will prevent any stress on shin muscles and protect from injury.
  2. Running on a slanted or tilted road: Avoid running on the slanted or tilted road that everyone ignore and get injured.
  3. Running in worn-out footwear: Always select new shoes to start your running program. You should avoid shoes that are worn-out. Also, you should not run more than 500-600 miles on same shoes.
  4. Over-training means training hard frequently: Over-training should be avoided. Train less and properly is always the safest way to train for any event.
  5. Doing sports with sudden starts or stops such as tennis
  6. Skip warm-up and stretching: Skipping warm-up and stretching is the biggest mistake that everyone do. Don’t ever skip warm-up and stretching. It improves flexibility and prevent injury.
  7. Running on the hard surface: For a long run select ground with soil path. Hard concrete path increase wear and tear of shin muscle and increase injury. So run on a soft surface which will reduce running impact on shin muscles.

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