Sometimes the trainers at my gym like to think of me as a slightly lesser GI Jane. Now, not to be outdone by Demi Moore, but I certainly don’t think of myself in this light. Very often one of them will give me something to do, something that sounds incredibly ridiculous and I, very often, look at them with a questioning facial expression, and sometimes that becomes words, which often is not devoid of profanity… and then they make me do it anyway! Very often I push back, tell them that they’re nuts, try to negotiate reps down, but they remain true to their training and push me harder.
As much as I sometimes hate this, it’s the best thing for me. I often doubt my own strength or ability and by having some there, telling me to shut up and move my butt is exactly what I need.
The thing to really take away from all of this isn’t how much I can argue or how totally insane my trainers are, but more about how much I don’t trust my own ability. My inability doesn’t lay in my muscular strength, but more so the strength in my mind. I have to constantly train my mind to be strong, to keep at it and know that it will quit a thousand times before my body ever does.
Strong mind people!

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