I played hockey right through school, in fact it was my life. There wasn’t a day of high school that didn’t revolve around sticks and balls and a fabulous group of girls that I loved to call friends.
Hockey not only taught me the art of team work and dedication to that team, but it taught me a lot about the strength required from your inner thighs, in order to play hockey. I will never forget my hockey coach telling us that, “You can’t play hockey with your legs closed, ladies!” That same mighty voice made us do drill after drill and side lunges were simply a part of the process. Of course there was a hockey stick in my hand while I lunged from side to side and then effortless executed this move time and time again during matches.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this movement made my inner thigh muscles super strong. However, I am only a few years shy of my 20th matric reunion and so these thigh muscles, albeit still strong, have been laying dormant for almost two decades. I didn’t think of this when I swiftly moved into this exercise, shifting my weight from side to side, effortlessly it seemed… until the next day!

The seamless shifting was one thing but the pain that followed was so bad, I temporarily thought that I had surely pulled something. Of course I hadn’t, but the pain was a reminder that I am not nearly as young as I used to be, and certainly not as agile. I swiftly reached for my Herbal Iceman, smearing the cool blue gel everywhere and then some.
Not loving the notion that my age could be taking its toll on my body, I decided to include side lunges into almost every workout, just so these inner thigh muscles never go into hibernation ever again.

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