After years of enjoying high impact, high speed type of sport and exercise, yoga just doesn’t seem like something that would be up my ally. However, after some time with a nutritional therapist, I was told that my cortisol levels are way too high and I need to consider something to calm me.
So armed with nothing more than bad, bed hair and my need to improve myself, I headed of to my local gym for some much needed zen-ness. Nothing beats dragging a buddy along at 7am on a Sunday morning 
Friend in tow, we grabbed the mats and some funny block things that neither of us were entirely sure of how to use, or even what they would be for, and we found a spot at the back of the class. There we were, surrounded by ladies (and one weird older guy) from all walks of life and ranging in age from about 21 through to 81. No jokes – for a second, when I was supposed be breathing and woosah-ing myself, I thought she may be dead. But then she whipped out quite a ninja stretch and I realized that she was simply just really into this!

As we moved from downward dog to upward dog and everything in between, I realized three things;
1. I am far to hyper to really enjoy the relaxation that is supposed to come with yoga.
2. I am not made for yoga because my stuff just doesn’t bend that way
3. Yoga is not relaxing. It is hard, hard work that hurts.

Point 3 came into play on Monday morning when I woke up and felt my muscles around the upper part of my back, screaming at me. It wasn’t just a yell; it was a scream… with profanity. Yoga is hard work and it hurts and nobody should ever make fun of the yoga ninjas ever again.

Although yoga isn’t one of my most favorite past times, it certainly isn’t the most unpleasant experience of my life. If it really does help to calm me (which I have failed to experience thus far) then I will try to continue on with it. I’m not promising anything though.

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