I was feeling pretty irritated about nothing in particular over the last couple of days. You know those times, when people can’t drive, two children feel like ten and work is the bane of your existence? Ja well, I have been feeling just like that.

I previously suffered with postnatal depression, and over the years, have come to understand that regular exercise is one of the best ways to relieve any feelings of sadness, anxiety and irritation. Exercise is a highly under utilized drug!
So I pulled in at the gym with one thing in mind… I wanted to smash something! Now!

Functional cardio did the trick! I flipped some 80kg truck tyres, slammed some 20kg hammer around and swung some kettlebells. My heart was hammering in my brain, my lungs were on fire and my muscles were screaming at me, but it felt good. It felt amazingly good! Sixty minutes of insanity and all my frustrations seemed to ease right out of me – no I think they actually fled the scene, in fact!

Have you ever suffered with any form of depression or anxiety? In today’s stressed out life, its as common as white toilet paper. Reach for your gym bag, you will be amazed at what endorphins can do for a saddened soul.

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