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Muscle strain & inflammation

An injury to a ligament caused by fibre tears constitutes a sprain. This can be a partial tear, or be completely torn. The most common sprains include that of the knees, ankles and wrists. Usually, a sprain, also known as a torn ligament, is caused when a joint is taken beyond its functional range of motion.


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Sprains can be minor or major, with healing lasting from a couple of days to weeks or even surgery.

The major signs and symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Restricted ability to move the limb
  • Popping sound in the case of a ligament rupture
  • Difficulty in using the affected ligament


Sprains can be minor or major, depending on the damage caused to the ligament. However, there are three broad categories that classify sprains based on the severity. These include:

  • Grade 1 sprain (mild): Slight stretching and some damage to the fibres (fibrils) of the ligament
  • Grade 2 sprain (moderate): Partial tearing of the ligament. There is abnormal looseness (laxity) in the joint when it is moved in certain ways
  • Grade 3 sprain (severe): Complete tear of the ligament. This causes significant instability and makes the joint non-functional


Even though sprains can occur sporadically, there are a few preventive measures one can take to avoid these painful conditions:

Using proper equipment :Athletes must use proper, certified equipment during their workouts. Shoes that have worn out due to overuse must be replaced immediately. It is also important to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing while exercising or participating in sports.

Balanced fitness :Incorporating a highly balanced fitness regime that includes strength training and cardiovascular training can prevent injuries and sprains

Warming up :It is ESSENTIAL for sportsperson or those working out to warm up and loosen muscles before intense motions.

Drinking water : Water is the juice of the gods and can prevent a number of medical conditions. Athletes must keep themselves hydrated so as to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Cool down : Exercise routines must always end with a cooling down period, which must be twice as long as the warm up period. This must be undertaken when the skin is dry and the body is cooled down considerably.

Rest : Sportspersons must designated, one day of the week for complete rest and take off from any vigorous exercise.


Proper diagnosis of a sprain can be conducted by a certified health care professional, based on physical examination. In certain extreme cases, X-rays are required to ensure that there are no broken bones. In other cases, if the injury is prolonged and does not resolve itself even after treatment, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is performed to pinpoint the exact problem.

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