One of the only ways that I can ensure that I eat correctly is by prepping my meals in advance (and even then I sometimes still end up eating from the dark side). It is a bit of a mission; I wont lie… ok it is a big mission. For someone like me, I don’t enjoy anything that happens in the kitchen, except eating. Cooking and baking are not my favourite pass times and finding quick, easy meals to fuel my body can sometimes be a nightmare. But, that being said, if I don’t do it, then MacDonalds becomes a really bad alternative.

So, if you’re like me and know what you need to eat, but battle to always eat the right thing (due to lack of will power or simple laziness) then try preparing your meals the night before.
I know that plenty fitness freaks prep meals for a full week, every Sunday, however this doesn’t work for me. I don’t like the idea of eating food that has been frozen and I can’t get my head around the squishiness of reheated peas.

Alright, firstly make sure that you kitted out with some decent Tupperware, and while you pack your family’s lunches, pack your own.

When preparing dinner, make sure that you cook enough of the protein to to take with you tomorrow. Try to balance your meal with good protein and some veggies. Then top it off with something that you like, for me, that’s some feta cheese. I find eating the veggies with some white vinegar helps me enjoy the meal more and when I am full, I stop!
Listen to your stomach!

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