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Insect Bites

Getting out to the great outdoors is probably one of the best recreational activities you can do. Sure, it saves some money if you pitch a tent or stay in a caravan and creates some incredible summer memories for your loved ones. But the redness and swelling caused by insect bites can be irritating and painful.


In order to get the best out of your outdoor experience, ensure you are prepared for it. Herbal Iceman contains Arnica and Echinacea, famed for the relief of the unpleasant itching and nuisance caused by mosquito bites, wasps, bees, flies and other insects.

This revolutionary non-sticky gel acts favourably on the skin by reducing the sting or itching and helps rapid healing of bite wounds by arresting further inflammation through its anti-inflammatory action.

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A number of people do not suffer from severe symptoms after being bitten by an insect. However, those that have developed antibodies to the venom can be in extreme danger after a bite.

The allergic reactions from an insect bites are classified as follows:

    • A minor localised reaction: This is the most common and does not require an allergy test. Pain will subside for a few days and then disappear.

A large localised reaction: This type of reaction causes other symptoms including swelling, rashes and itching.

  • A systemic reaction: This is the most severe of the reactions and requires immediate medical attention as it can be potentially life-threatening.


We know that most insects do not bite humans unless provoked. They use their bites and stings as a defense mechanism to protect their hives or nests. Therefore, as adventurous as we may be, it is advised to not disturb their homes.

The sting of an insect injects venom that is made up of proteins and other substances. This may trigger an allergic reaction in the victim.

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