I have always been the fit, strong athletic type with an aptitude for most sport disciplines. As I got older and noticed my metabolism slowing down, I stood by the fact that I would rather exercise until I vomit than change my eating.
Fast forward a few years, one marriage and two children later, I was faced with the overwhelming decision – change or stay fat.

After I had exhausted a couple of ‘quick fixes’ I found myself on the doorstep of my favourite gym. There I was coached and trained to think, act and eat differently. They helped me to understand why my body responds the way it does to certain things and I learnt a few things about myself in the process.

1. I don’t hate greens as much as I thought I did (as long as I can eat them raw)
2. Healthy eating and living requires planning but it doesn’t involve altering your taste buds, since the food can still be nice.
3. After the age of 30, no matter how much I sweat, if I don’t clean up my diet then I will never get my pre-baby body back.
4. There are people out there who really care for me and my nutritional and fitness goals.
5. I need a strong body, but most of all, I need a strong(er) mind.

The year was 2014, my body fat was at an all time high of 36.5% and I weighed 83kgs. This is the place where you insert the monkey covering its eyes emojie. Yes, this was a problem, considering that I am all of 171cm in height, my weight was more than 10kgs to high.
I sucked it up and started on the journey to change.

Every day that passed I was fighting some kind of battle – my body was tired, my mind wanted to quit, my day was too busy, my kids were sick – but I got my butt to gym regardless.
In 2014 I did my very first triathlon. It was a massive accomplishment for me since swimming was something that I was never in to. I could swim a lap of a pool but reaching the end it felt as though I could remove my heart from my chest and it would still keep me alive, that’s how fast it was beating. I had to learn to swim! Properly… with the correct breathing and pace. After a few months I felt comfortable enough to do it.

Roll on 2015 and suddenly the wheels came off. After a series of mishaps, my life seemed to be falling down around me. I felt myself slipping into that all to familiar feeling of depression, I started to pick up weight, I was making excuses not to train and that left me practically back where I started in 2014.

I am starting at the very beginning. I am 10% body fat up, I am 8kgs up and I have a triathlon race entry pending. The ‘before’ shots are going to be nasty, I am warning you – but they’re a part of the process and so I will have to hide them until I can show the ‘after’ pics along side them. Bottom line, I am going to be going through hell for the next 9 months, getting my house back in order in preparation for this race.

Your support and encouragement will be appreciated, but your participation would be even better. Why don’t you join me?

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