In deciding that it was time get my house in order, I needed to spend some time working on my mind. I know that it really is the most powerful muscle that I have when it comes to training. My legs can only carry me for that long, my arms can only push for a period of time but my mind, well my mind is endlessly available and keen – when its in the right space.
The operative phrase being, “When. It’s. In. The. Right. Space.”
This sounds so much easier than it really is. You see, there is a big difference between interest and commitment. When your mind is in the right place, the commitment is there. When your mind goes walk about, you’re simply left with interest.
The difference is clearly expressed here.

I had to do a lot of ‘me’ work when it came to this part. The last six months of last year, inspite of my wanting to stay fit and keep up, my mind just wasn’t in it. I went to extreme measures trying to motivate myself – I sought the drive from a personal trainer, I figured that with someone pushing me harder it would make the difference. I failed. And then I quit completely. I threw it all aside, every lecture on nutrition, all the training – I completely rebelled.

With this fresh start I have a focused mind. I can see the goal in front of me, I know exactly what needs to happen and I intend to achieve my goal.

Who’s with me? Who has something that they have wanted to do for a long time but didn’t have the drive to get up and do it? If you want to join me, share in my journey with some experience of your own, you’re most welcome to get in touch and jump on board.
I’m waiting for you.

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