Herbal Iceman cooling gel is a miracle treatment. It’s a non-greasy, easy to apply gel that soothes muscle pain. Its pain relief for shoulder muscle and back pain. It’s also an insect bite treatment and helps soothe sunburn.
If you enjoy living an active lifestyle, being outdoors, playing sports and being on the move then you wouldn’t want muscle pain and joint ache to keep you off track and ruin your game. Missing a single day due to a muscle strain is something you are not willing to do. Herbal Iceman cooling gel should be a permanent fixture in your household.

Danny, a local pharmacist, comments, “Herbal Iceman has been developed to keep the pain away. The unique ancient herbal formula contains extracts of organically grown Arnica, Echinacea and other soothing herbs. It has a precise level of natural menthol. The outcome of the subsequently combined ingredients is a non-sticky, pleasant-smelling gel that combats pain.

The term Arnica is a Greek word, arnica meaning ‘Lamb’ because of its softness. The hairy leaves belong to the sunflower family and is a known genus to have about 30 perennial herbaceous species. Arnica montana and A. chamissonis, contain a key ingredient known as helenalin, which is a sesquiterpene lactone, a major ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. Arnica has been used dating back to the 1500’s to relieve pain and heal different types of injuries.”

According to research, Arnica is also known as Mountain Tobacco somewhat confusingly, Leopard’s Bane and Wolfsbane are the two names that it shares with an entirely separate genus known as Aconitum. Echinacea has several kinds of species used in the development of medicine from its leaves, flowers and roots.

It’s commonly used on people’s skin, to treat blistering boils, annoying abscesses and painful skin wounds. Ulcers, burns, eczema, psoriasis, UV radiation skin damage or sunburn, herpes simplex, insect bites and bee stings, and haemorrhoids.

The information officer of Herbal Iceman said, “Herbal Iceman is simply the best pain relief for back muscle pain. It has soothing ingredients that can give your body a well needed instant boost. After applying the gel, gently massage it into the affected muscle area and you will experience the quickest pain relief from muscular and joint pains. It also helps sore muscles recover faster from any physical exertion, ache or sprain.

The complexity of daily exercise routines when you are an established athlete or trying to get back into shape often increases the risk of potential injury. If you get hurt, stop the activity that you’re busy with and do not try to continue. Continuing to play or exercise can cause more harm and most injuries occur in the ankles, feet, lower back, knees, wrists, and hands, often from collisions, stress or exertion.”

He added, “Although most injuries are rarely severe, they often lead to chronic pain if left untreated. Herbal Iceman is also the best choice for instant application during sporting activities or workouts, thanks to its non-sticky formula.

Apart from all the uses of Herbal Iceman the effectiveness of the arnica cooling gel is proven to help with the unpleasantness of itching and nuisance caused by mosquito bites, wasp and bee stings, flies and other insects.

It is also a sunburn treatment. Sunburn is the inflammation of the skin overly exposed to the sun. With its cooling properties, it’s able to soothe the burn and speed up recovery. Herbal Iceman is definitely the perfect solution, for all types of athletes with muscle injuries and sprains and the elderly people with joint aches and is very safe enough for anyone over the age of five years to use.” For more information visit http://www.herbaliceman.co.za

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