I am one of those people who get hangry when I am hungry! Like, I mean I will rip you apart if you even look at me in the wrong way kind of hangry. So knowing and understanding that this is a real thing and I suffer with it, I make sure that I never allow myself to get into this state – and thus arm myself with my happy snacky food that keeps me going.


Two of my all time favourites are celery and peanut butter! No seriously – I am not even joking. Don’t knock it until you try it.

The clean crunchiness of the celery combined with the smooth peanut butter … NOM NOM NOM! It really is a quick and easy fix for those moments when hunger strikes. In fact, if you pop past Dischem, grab some of the little peanut butter snack packs from Eat Naked and you can squeeze those straight out from the little packet.

happy1 - Happy Food

My second go-to happy food is plain yogurt! I really can put plain yogurt on just about anything. Eating fruit for breakfast, on its own, doesn’t really get me to 10am without the hangry-ness kicking in, but if I top it off with some double cream yogurt, I am ok. It is obviously the fat that keeps me fuller for longer – plus its simply delicious.

Some people often say that they find plain yogurt bitter, ok yes, if you’re not used to it, I can understand – so drizzle some honey onto it, or sprinkle it with some xylitol. As you become more accustomed to the taste, you will eventually welcome the unsweetened flavor and simply LOVE the yumminess that it brings to everything!

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