During one of my nutritional interventions, it came to light that my order of intolerance, or sensitivity, to the bad stuff goes in this order;

  1. Gluten – my life will never be the same without the Baker Man.
  2. Diary – Really? Who would have thought that milk was so inappropriate for human consumption? Something about, “we’re the only species that drinks milk from another species” kind of got me a little irked. Note to self, I have to change my favourite breakfast smoothies to coconut milk and remove the cows milk.
  3. Sugar! Yes, yes sugar is said to be a legal form of cocaine but seriously, according to my body, I digest sugar far better than I do gluten and dairy.

With this new information, I decided eating chocolate just wasn’t that bad for me after all, and I will. I exercise and I try to eat as reasonably good as possible – I do fall short, I do shove 8 slices of pepperoni pizza in my face every now and then, but for the most part, I’m good. I have come to terms with the fact that I am a true continental, born from the loins of my Portuguese roots and food is just a pertinent part of my genetic makeup. Well that’s my story anyway and I am sticking to it!

So trying to remain semi-conscious of the fact that I have way too many wobbly bits to throw caution to the wind with complete reckless abandon, I will make the chocolate dark!

Enter my favourite, Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt. Nom nom!

I show restraint when devouring this! I take two blocks, which are really flat and honestly a poor excuse for a ‘block’, but none the less, only two blocks. I then sit back and eat them with not a smidgen of guilt. I love every single bite and I enjoy every second of it.

The one night I decided that these two blocks where in order. In fact, the whole slab was in order… but alas… restraint was practiced. While digging in the grocery cupboard, stashed near the back, where the kids can’t get to it, I had the most alarming desire to devour some peanut butter too. But I really wanted the chocolate. But the peanut butter!

Well it didn’t take me too long to realize that if I smear the peanut butter onto the chocolate I can have both and it will taste like heaven – so I did… and it did… No judgment necessary, the peanut butter was raw, locally produced peanut butter from Eat Naked, and the chocolate was dark! I though that was a perfectly decent enough reason to eat the two together. I am not sorry!

Further to this crazy peanut butter fetish that seemed to have taken over my cravings, I decided to try it on something else that was a whole lot healthier – celery! People! Don’t ask, don’t squirm, don’t be grossed out – JUST TASTE IT! Life. Changing.

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