I am the most non-functioning person you will ever meet in the morning. How I manage to get two kids dressed, fed and ready for school is beyond me! Don’t judge! I am wonderful in the afternoon 😉

So, with this epic uselessness in the morning, I needed to find something quick and easy that I could devour – but it must be healthy! No sugar, no carbs and lots of protein to feed my ever-sweating muscles – enter the egg muffin! For anyone who knows me, you also know that I am no Martha Stewart, I prefer what comes from the kitchen, rather than being the one making it, but these are so easy, super quick and delicious. If you’re looking for healthy convenience, that even your kids will like, try these.



Beat up 6-8 free range eggs and splash a dash of milk.

Chop up some ham and crumble the feta into a separate bowl and mix together.

Add the ham and creamy feta (I used the Woolworths Danish Feta) to the eggs and milk. Mix!

I used some butter to lightly grease the muffin tray before pouring the mixture into the tray. Fill only half since they rise nicely. Pop them into the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees, waiting for that golden.


muffins2 300x300 - Egg Muffins

Take them out of the oven, check that they’re done to your liking and enjoy them while they’re still warm.

If you prefer to eat them later, pop them into a Tuppaware once they have cooled down to seal in the freshness and then simply warm in the microwave for a couple of seconds when you ready for them. They reheat very well – just as fluffy as when they first came out of the oven.


muffins 300x300 - Egg Muffins

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