Some things are just easier to do when you have someone to do it with. I have been training with Aleshia for a couple of months now, and although our training programs aren’t of the intensity that I have become accustomed to, they are pretty vigorous. This however isn’t why training with a buddy works for me, but I will tell you why it does work.

buddy training1 - Buddy Workout

  1. There is always someone waiting for you at the gym at 8am, this makes it very difficult to just change your mind and decide that you’re not going at the last minute.
  2. You can’t cancel your session without a valid excuse. I don’t feel well doesn’t constitute as a good enough excuse either.
  3. You are willing to share a water bottle when you leave yours at home. This can be done safely, without the risk of contracting the Ebola virus. Unless you have less than hygienic friends, in which case you may want to consider finding a new gym buddy
  4. Your buddy keeps you motivated when your fuel tank is running on empty.
  5. Your buddy doubles as a shopping maatjie and is always keen on breakfast after a sweat session.
  6. You can wiggle your wobbly bits, without judgment, in front of her and she wont mind
  7. Your gym buddy will be unashamedly honest when you ask if your butt looks big in those tights.
  8. Your gym buddy is always keen to try out a new gym class, even when it is Zumba and everyone knows that you will both look like hippos with aneurisms, but you do it anyway.
  9. You giggle your way through the parts that really burn, it’s the only way through.
  10. You don’t let each other quit. Not ever.

buddy training2 - Buddy Workout

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