The amount of money that women spend on lotions and potions and magic pills, hoping that it will reduce the orange peel on their thighs and butts – with no success! Stop wasting your money on nonsense and rather focus on doing things the old fashioned way. Yes, this is the difficult way, but its also the most effective way.

Here is a quick video that shows you what type of exercise you need to be doing in order to target the butt and thighs, in order to really work off that cellulite.

Remember, this video shows the full sequence, at the end, however you need to build up to the full sequence by doing each exercise once and then adding on another – so it goes like this…
Start with two hop squats.
Then do two hop squats followed by two reverse lunges.
Then we add on again – so two hop squats, two reverse lunges and then add on two deep squats.
So two go two hop squats, two reverse lunges, two deep squats and add in two lunges. You get the picture? Once you have built up to all seven exercises, you will have one full set. You need to do five sets! Enjoy…
Oh and PS: make sure you have some Herbal Iceman handy for the next day 😉

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