I recently posted a challenge onto Instagram, asking people for commitment. Commitment to healthy eating and commitment to consistent training. The response was fabulous!

A bunch of girls stood up, saying that they were keen on giving it a go. To my surprise, a lot more than I had hoped.

There are a lot of girls that fell by the way side during the process, some injuries occurred, a lot of flu going around – but for the most part, there are some that have stuck with it and I am super proud.

Some of the participants have climbed into my heart too, since they are real in their struggle to commit to an ongoing healthy lifestyle too. We are normal human beings (not those who are super charged with extra testosterone and no fat genes) and we all fall short. We all face the same struggles and we all need to, at some point, come to understand that we’re not perfect – we will fail. But failure is not the issue, its getting up and trying again that is important.

So in the words of my favourite Rocky Balboa, “Its not how hard you get hit. Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”

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