I heart Herbal Iceman

Herbal Iceman cooling gel is a miracle treatment. It’s a non-greasy, easy to apply gel that soothes muscle pain. Its pain relief for shoulder muscle and back pain. It’s also an insect bite treatment and helps soothe sunburn. If you enjoy living an active lifestyle, being outdoors, playing sports and being on the move then [...]

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Squishy Squash

I have always had texture related problems with certain foods. Bananas for example. They have go to be the slimiest, nastiest things in the world… followed closely by cook veggies. For a very long time, I wouldn’t eat veggies because the texture would have serious effect on my up-chuck reflex. I always blamed the taste, [...]

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Egg Muffins

I am the most non-functioning person you will ever meet in the morning. How I manage to get two kids dressed, fed and ready for school is beyond me! Don’t judge! I am wonderful in the afternoon ;) So, with this epic uselessness in the morning, I needed to find something quick and easy that [...]

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