Raspberries – my favourite antioxidant

When biting into a raspberry, I get that sharp tangy taste. That distinctive taste of awesomeness that makes me feel fresh. That fresh feeling makes me feel healthy and that is a feeling I genuinely love feeling. Apart from the fact that raspberries are fabulous little antioxidants, there is also research, proving that raspberries have [...]

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No Gluten. Why?

So it turns out that I am gluten intolerant. This pretty much sucks, considering that my addiction to biscuits and bread is just a big part of who I am. I found this out after stumbling across an article that explained the telltale sign that you will find at the back of my arms. There [...]

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Buddy Workout

Some things are just easier to do when you have someone to do it with. I have been training with Aleshia for a couple of months now, and although our training programs aren’t of the intensity that I have become accustomed to, they are pretty vigorous. This however isn’t why training with a buddy works [...]

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Slider training

Nothing like some of this slider training to make you remember what an insignificant little life you are on this planet and how Steve Mululu will break you with every workout you face. You will however feel so much better for it, once you’re done. And breathing again like a normal human being.   So [...]

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Stop Doing Box Jumps Like a Jackass

Here's what you need to know... Box jumps potentiate the nervous system for gains in strength and size, assuming you do them correctly. If you're not getting full hip extension, you're wasting your time. Those young geeks you see doing 50-inch box jumps just have fantastic hip flexibility rather than great jumping ability and explosive [...]

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My go-to smoothie

Breakfast sometimes become a pain in my butt. I don’t always have the time to scramble some eggs, or face another boiled egg. Having two kids, a husband, two dogs, three cats and my own business, feeding myself a healthy breakfast isn’t always at the top of my list of priorities. If it happens to [...]

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